26 March 2013

Celebrating Elizabeth

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St. Andrews Lodge: Personal Character

Today I am celebrating Elizabeth Little, an amazing woman who was true to her business values throughout her long career as the owner of St. Andrew's Lodge here in Qualicum Beach.  She believed in excellent customer service, routines and not changing what worked. 

Elizabeth lived at the other end of the beach from me and she was 87 last week when she left us. She was one of the original group who started the local historical society which now manages our Museum and ensures our local history is preserved and easy to access. 

If I were to make a bead to remind me of Elizabeth, it would be pink, white and periwinkle blue - the colours she wore and the colours of the ocean and sky at certain times of the day.   It would be a very happy bead with curls on it - like her hair and the waves in front of her lodge.  It would be imbued with a dry wit, a smile and a real sense of humour.  Not a flamboyant bead, yet one that would catch your attention. I think I have to go create while the memories are close and there are no distractions.

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