"As a self-taught artist, I am on a continuous learning adventure..."

I love working with glass and so each bead I make is filled with Joy and I hope to be able to share more about their creation in my blog. It is my desire that you find my beads interesting and they gift you good feelings when you look at  and wear them. Your suggestions and feedback is most welcome, please share your ideas on new styles and colour combinations as we explore this adventure together.


26 February 2013

Vintage Glass Bottles become Beads

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Colour glass from history

Vintage Glass Bottles become Beads

The glass I use to make beads comes in long rod shapes that look like knitting needles. Sometimes a special request comes to create beads from glass that has special meaning to someone.

My sister Lynn lives in Ontario on a farm. Over the years, she has found vintage bottles on her property. She decided recently that should would like to have some made into beads. After I wrapped my head around the fact that I would destroy the vintage bottles (yes, I researched them to make sure I wasn't going to melt something rare), I sat down at the torch and held my breath. Sometimes when I introduce an unknown glass to the flame it explodes. These bottles were quite old and the glass melted at a much higher temperature than what I usually use so it melted slowly and the bottle didn't shatter in my hand.

When melting unknown glass you can't mix it with any other glass because you don't know what temperature it will melt and cool at. If you mix glass that cools at different rates, it will crack before you ever get to wear it. So I made solid colour beads and the attached photos shows how they turned out.

19 December 2012

Wow! What a great welcome!

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A bloggers tale...

Wow! What a great welcome!

Thanks for the warm welcome to the world of blogging! I feel like I jumped into the deep end of the pool when I thought I was wading in the shallow end. 

I still have to figure out how to resize my header photo and guess I better post pictures of my beads:) This morning I was sitting outside soaking in the hot tub because my shoulder was sore and I wanted to relax it before I sat down to the torch. 

I wished I had a video camera because high up there was a steady stream of seagulls flying past in a long line.  This happens during spring migration and you wonder where they suddenly all come from and you can't predict when it will happen. 

It was pretty amazing. Any advice you have on blogging is greatly appreciated.  I did jump in without thinking about it too much, just thought it was time do it. The beads in this necklace are made out of swizzle sticks - yes the kind that you use to mix your drink. The glass was amazing to work with and  I had no bubbles in it either.

31 January 2013

Building a Website

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A Showcase for my Creativity

Many people expect an artist to have a website these days. When others comment on the piece of art they bought, they can refer that person to the artist. It is a good way to keep in touch with people and of course to show what stage of development the artist is at.

My priority is making beads so I have no desire to learn how to create a website. I do know how to find great help though and my thanks to Geeks at the Beach, Jonathan and David for making me look good AND making it easy for me to feed them what they needed. Who wouldn't want their own Beach Geeks! Did I mention they are also patient!

Have a fabulous day today, the sun is shining here, my camellias are blooming as are many other flowers in the garden and life is good.

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