"As a self-taught artist, I am on a continuous learning adventure..."

I love working with glass and so each bead I make is filled with Joy and I hope to be able to share more about their creation in my blog. It is my desire that you find my beads interesting and they gift you good feelings when you look at  and wear them. Your suggestions and feedback is most welcome, please share your ideas on new styles and colour combinations as we explore this adventure together.


28 May 2013

How Beads are Made - A Video Tutorial

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Creating Beachglass Beads That Will Last A Lifetime

How Beads are Made - A Video Tutorial

26 April 2013

Springing into Action

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Seasonal changes bring out life's colour

It feels right that with the official advent of Spring, I take the excitement and joy I experience with my creation of glass beads and share it. Spring is a time for new beginnings, nurturing new growth and happiness. When the sun comes out - it is like magic and it is time to celebrate. The grey skies of winter are gone and people can't help but be grateful for being alive - especially in such a pristine environment as the one we live in. Last weekend I attended the Fraser Valley Bead Show and bought my first Jim Moore tool - a large lentil shaper. Yesterday I used it for the first time and it takes a LOT of glass. I created a sea coloured bead and added a starfish and sea anemones and could hardly wait to see how it turned out today, once it was cool. I will keep it for myself and happily wear it. Always good to keep the first to see how a skill improves. Today, I walked on the beach with my sisters and we breathed in the scent of cedar and laughed when we picked pussy willows for our Mom. Pussy-willows are a sure sign of spring and I watch for them each year with eager anticipation. Their soft grey balls don't inspire me to think bead design, however the lines of the branches do. I am also inspired by eel grass as it waves in the shallow water as waves swish in and out and sand dollars when the tide is very low. The rainbows of course are always inspiring and at this time of year, we have lots of them. We saw one yesterday that spanned an entire mountain top. Today is my first time ever to blog. This will be an adventure and my goal is to share the story of being an emerging artist. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

26 March 2013

Celebrating Elizabeth

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St. Andrews Lodge: Personal Character

Today I am celebrating Elizabeth Little, an amazing woman who was true to her business values throughout her long career as the owner of St. Andrew's Lodge here in Qualicum Beach.  She believed in excellent customer service, routines and not changing what worked. 

Elizabeth lived at the other end of the beach from me and she was 87 last week when she left us. She was one of the original group who started the local historical society which now manages our Museum and ensures our local history is preserved and easy to access. 

If I were to make a bead to remind me of Elizabeth, it would be pink, white and periwinkle blue - the colours she wore and the colours of the ocean and sky at certain times of the day.   It would be a very happy bead with curls on it - like her hair and the waves in front of her lodge.  It would be imbued with a dry wit, a smile and a real sense of humour.  Not a flamboyant bead, yet one that would catch your attention. I think I have to go create while the memories are close and there are no distractions.

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